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Kamala is one of the Ten Mahavidyas, the most important Goddess forms in Shakta Tantrism.
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"She has a beautiful golden complexion. She is being bathed by four large elephants who pour jars of nectar over her.
In her four hands she holds two lotuses and makes the signs of granting boons and giving assurance.
She wears a resplendent crown and a silken dress. I pay obeisance to Her who is seated on a lotus in a lotus posture."

Kamala means lotus. Kamala is a Mahavidya. The youngest. The youngest means the first formed. As the first formed she is the primal Mahavidya.


Her beej [seed] mantra is EE. In transliterated Sansrit this would be an i with the line over the top. One would place an M after the EE, to make EEM. This would show her complete energy in beej form. From EE sound to closed M makes the range of her shakti. This is the primal shakta beej, this same sound is heard in all other beejam such as Shreem, Hreem, Kreem.

This EEM beej is sometimes called the Yoni beej. Yoni is in the form of a female's sex organ and is in form of a lotus. It is the most basic female principle. The youngest or first feminine idea. Kamala is also considered the most beautiful Mahavidya, can anyone guess why?

Sex is explained to kids as a bee polinating flowers. The flower is usually the female organ, the bee is the male. One spreads genetic material the other developes it. The bee in our analogy is Siva. His mantra is AUM, transliterated as OM. His is first mantra, Kamala's is second. These two are basically the first and second letters of Sanskrit alphabet.

Another way of experiencing this concept would use the first word of Rig Veda - Agnim. The OM is AG, the EEM is the NIM. Together as AGNIM one can see the fullness of A closed to the point of G, then negated in N, and expanded through I to the continuum of M. This is the entire process of Siva and Shakti creating all of existence. From the fullness to the stop then the negation of the stop back to fullness.

This process of negation of the stopping of awareness and this bringing it back to the continuum is what Mahavidya Kamala does. NIM....EEM is her mantra. To do silent meditation on her nirguna form add an A after EEM to get EEMAH, this is the full circle of AGNIM, back to A.


Kamala as lotus goddess also represents developement of the person by maintaining the dharma of keeping the seven chakras open. She upholds sadhana. Lotus=chakra. Lotus Goddess is advancement Goddess. This is why she, as Shree or Lakshmi, is called Shakti of Shiva.

In beauty the Goddesses who most represent her are Shree, Lakshmi, Bala, and Lalita. She is very sattvic like Venus or Aphrodite, and of the Mahavidyas most like the Christian Mary.

Kamala is the first and most primal female energy. More developed, she takes on the other qualities of the other Mahavidyas. In fact, there is really no difference here because we are discussing deities that can change forms like lycantropes.

When God manifests She does so to suit the moment like how we humans dress for success. We don't always try to look uptight and professional, sometimes we like to dress down in bikinis and relax. Kamala is very much dressed down and relaxed.

To worship her in any form is acceptable because she is in all forms as all forms are from Prakriti or Mother Nature. We still maintain decorum even in bikinis. So also Her worship entails restraint. She is the Light Goddess and likes fine and sattvic things and actions like charity.

As bride of Vishnu she loves a person who preserves other lives. Ask Her to help and She will give you Her blessings. But remain generous and faithful or she will be fickle. You should worship Her during hard times for relief. She gives peace, prosperity and pleasure, and moksha.

Her sadhana is:

100,000 x 10,000 with ahuti of graham, 1,000 water, feed 30 people, eat and wear yellow things. Use seven faced rudraksha or tulsi. This is the mantra:

Om Shrim Kleem Mahalakshmiyei Namah
plus sankalpa. You will get siddhi of Mahalakshmi and your desire satisfied.

Another sadhana is this:

125,000 x with 12,500 ahuti with samagri, 1,250 water, feed 30 people. Use six or seven faced rudraksha or tulsi. Mantra:

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalayei Praseed Praseed Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalakshmiyei Namah
plus sankalpa. You will get siddhi of Kamala and fulfillment of desire.

Kirk Bernhardt - New Orleans - 2002

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