The Ten Mahavidyas are the most important forms of DEVI in Tantrik Hinduism.
They are said to be manifestation of Kali who is in turn a manifestation of Parvati

For a comprehensive introduction to their iconography and meaning,
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The Mahavidyas : An Introduction

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Kali : The Black Goddess

Tara : The Goddess Who Guides through Troubles

Tripura-sundari : She Who Is Lovely in the Three Worlds

Bhuvanesvari : She Whose Body Is the World

Chinnamasta : The Self-Decapitated Goddess

Bhairavi : The Fierce One

Dhumavati : The Widow Goddess

Bagalamukhi : The Paralyzer

Matangi : The Outcaste Goddess

Kamala : The Lotus Goddess


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