Shakti Sadhana

** Shri Vana Durga Havan **
Durga of the forest.
As worshipped by foresters
(Durgasatanama Stotra)

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S.M: Vanadurga. The temples of Vana durga are always open to air. She is like fire seated on lion

Nora : Is vanadurga one of the ancient or earlier form of Durga, in the early Bengal. Interesting there are so many forms of durga.

S.M: Yes ancient from Kerala. A very interesting form of Durga

Nora: The Temple : Chakkulathukavu (28km from Alappuzha) " Goddess Vanadurga is the presiding diety. Pongala and naree pooja-in honor of womanhood are the main festivals"

S.M: She burns like fire. You know what her mantra is?

om hrIM dumuthishta purushi, kim swapishi,
bhayam me samupastitam yadi shakyamashakyam tanme bhagawati shamaya swaahaa

Which means : wake up!! why are you sleeping? I am afraid please remove the cause of fear

Nora: In the picture she is holding the ball of fire and her her aura is firelike

S.M :Yes that is what it symbolizes

Nora: Since she is supposedly in the forest so ideally the place of worshipping her should be in the forest too.

S.M: You are supposed to do it in water up to neck with someone to watch to see that you do not drown that way body does not get heated up

Nora: It is the energy that is around you that becomes hotter its like in the hot oven?

S.M: Yes it was

Her Dhyana Mantra :

kaalapaavaka sannibhaaM kalitaardhachandra shiroruhaam
phaalanetra vibhooshaNaam (vibhiishanaam) bhayadaayi simha nishedushiim
shankha chakra kripaana khetaka chaapa baana karotikaam (kiriitikaam, karaambujaam )
shuulavaahibhujaam bhaje vijitaakhilaasura sainikaam

Durga Devi most famous form as Mahishasuramardini : The Slayer of the Buffalo Demon

Hymns to Sri Durga Devi