Shakti Sadhana



let us meditate on the SUPREME Divine light,
Which is the worthy of devotion
Which is the dispeller of all ignorance
Which is all prevailing and blissful
and which Enlightens our interest

Mukta_vidruma-hema-dhavalac-chayair mukhais-tryaksanair-
yuktam indu-nibaddha-ratnamukutam tattvarthavarnatmikam/

Gayatrim varadabhayankusakasahsubhram kapalam gunamsankham
cakram atharavindayungalam hastair vahantim bhaje//

** Sri Gayatri Devi **

I meditate on the (five-faced) Goddess Gayatri, who faces are of the hues of the pearl coral gold, blue, black and white ( stones), of three eyes ( in each face ), with jewelled diadems set with the crescent moon, composed of syllabus representing the Great Truth, and holding in the ( ten ) hands, the poses of offeringing refuge and boons, goad, whip, white skull, rope, conch, discus and two lotus.

Gayatri, The Personal Mother- The Mythological description of Devi Gayatri

SUPREME, pure consciousness is Parabrahman, the impersonal Godhead. This transcendental consciousness as power is Mother. She is known as Gayatri. She is the primal cause of everything that was, that is, and that will be. When she manifested the triguna-s or three qualities, known as sattva (poise), rajas ( passion), and tamas (stupor), these three qualities, possessing the pure consciousness that is Parabrahman, took three forms known as Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Brahma was possessed by rajas, Visnu by sattva, and Siva by tamas. Gayatri was worshipped by the Trinity as The Mother. When Brahma, Visnu and Siva were just children, GayatriDevi put them into the cradle of Void ( akasa ) that was hung by the chains of the four Vedas ( wisdom ) and with Om lullaby. She put them to sleep. Seeing that Her children possessed by guna-s were sleeping, Devi disappeared.

After a long time, the Trimurti got up and began crying. They grew up and were wandering in Void by the power of the guna-s and then they thought of finding their Mother. They sat in mediatation for a long time. As the fire of their austerity was scorching the universe, the Universal Mother, being compassionate, decided to appear before them. Even though She is all-pervasive, still for Her divine lila ( sport), She manifested Her divine form.

She was the most beautiful Mother, She wore a red sari, Garlands dangled round Her neck and Her face was like the full moon. She had three eyes and Her forehead carried a round mark of red powder. She had eight arms holding lotuses, mace, conch, and toerings, bangles and many shining rings, jewels and ornaments, all of which were supraphysical ( aprakrta )

She came running for Her children and perspiration was dropping from Her face like pearls. Then, She hurried to Her children and called them by their names as Brahma, Visnu and Siva. The Trimurti ran to their mother, who kissed and caressed them again and again. Holding them in Her arms, she said :

O divine children, I made you undergo this great agony of separation. I should have come to you long before. I just wanted you to gain powers of creation, preservation and dissolution through austerity, so that the souls who partake their role in this cosmic lila should see the ideal of austerity and penance shown by you three. I was always with you; within yourselves by My grace, then I took a transcendental form also so that the soul thereafter might worship My divine form as the Divine Mother Gayatri. I shall be pleased with their worship and confer on them all prosperity and bhakti. Let Brahma, by the rajas ( passion and activity ) create; and Visnu, by the quality of Sattva ( equilibrium ) maintain and preserve, and let Siva, by tamas ( destruction ) bring dissolution at the end of cycles. Pray to Me during the times of confusion and difficulty for guidance.

Saying thus, the most blessed Mother disappeared. This shows that Gayatri is Vedamata or Mother of the Vedas, ie sources of divine wisdom. She is the inseparable power of Parabrahman, the Supreme pure consciouness. [ Sadguru Sant Keshavadas Gayatri, The Highest Meditation ]

Prayers to Sri Gayatri Devi
Thousand Names of Sri Gayatri Devi

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