Shakti Sadhana

I salute, Thee, Leader of Yogis, one with the Brahman
Dweller in the Mandara Forest
Virgin, Kali, Spouse of Kapala, of tawny hue
Salutation to Thee, Bhadrakali
Reverence to Thee, MahaKali
Candi, Fearless one.
Salutation to Thee
Saviour imbued with all good fortune

Of the race of Kata, greatly worshipful
Dreadful one, Giver of Victory, Victrix,
Who holdeth a peacock's tail for Thy banner,
Bearing formidable spear, sword, and shield ( made of skin )
younger Sister of the chief of cowherds,
Eldest one, born in the family of the cowherds Nanda
Delighting in teh blood of Mahisa,
Kausiki, wearing yellow garments.

With auspicious smile,
Whose mouth devoured all demons,
Salutation to Thee, delighter in battle.
Uma, giver of shaka
In the form of Mahesvara, and in that of Vasudeva,
Destructress of Kaitabha
Golden-eyed, with half-opened eyes, grey-eyed,
Veda and Sruti, and most sacred.
Propirious to Brahmanas engaged in the sacrificial rites,
thou art Jataveda,
And art ever present in the sacred shrines in the chief cities of Jambudvipa.

Of Science Thou art the knowledge of Brahman,
Thou art the liberation of embdied beings,
Mother of Skanda
O Bhagavati Durga ! thou liveth in inaccessible regions
Svaha, Svadha, Kala and Kastha

Sarasvati, Savitri.
Mother of Vedas and Vedanta art Thou called.
I praise Thee from the pure depth of my heart.
By Thy favour let us be victorious in battle.
Ever dost thou abide in inaccessible regions,
In places full of fear and difficulty ;
In the houses of thy devotees, and in Patala.
In battle thou conquereth the Danavas.
thou art drowsiness and slumber

Thou hast power to show wonderfully the world,
Modesty, and beauty
Cause of creation and destruction
Creatrix, Mother, contentment, nourishment, constancy,
Lilght, Supportress of the sun and moon,
Power of Him who possesses power,
In ecstasy thou art perceived by Siddhas and Caranas.

From the Mahabharata


Durga Gayathri
Mahadevyai ca vidmahe durgadevyai ca dhimahi tanno devi pracodyat


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