Their names and an esoteric interpretations given by the followers of Tantra Sastra, are

BrAhmi, the primordial nAda, the energy in which even the first throb has not yet appeared. It is the unmanifested sound, the origin of all creation represented by Pranava [AUM]
VaisanI, who with symmetry, beauty, organisation and order, gives a definite shape to the universe
MahesvarI, the power that gives individuality to the created beings. Residing in their hearts she makes them play like the dolls mounted on a machine.
KaumArI, the every youthful deity, representing the ever present force of aspiration of the evolving soul. A nine year old girl is called DurgA. She is called Guruguha [a name of KumAra or Skanda whose energy she is], meaning the cave of the heart or intellect.
VArAhi, the all consuming power of assimilation and enjoyment. She gives food and all physical enjoyments to living beings
Aindri or IndrAni, the terrible power that destroys all that opposes the cosmic law.
CAmundA, the force of concentrated awareness, the power of spiritual awakening in the heart. Thus she devours the ceaseless activity of the immature mind and uplifts it to the highest level
During NavarAtra festival days DurgA is worshipped on the eight day. This day according to Indian Calender is known as DurgA Astami. On the ninth day on completion of the worship with a yajNa, mass feeding is arranged. The decorative personified figure of solid earth is immersed in the Ganges or deep water

English Translation and Commentary by Jankinath Kaul "Kamal"