BhavAnI nAma Sahasra Stutih

[841] ArAgA : Who is without a dye

Supreme Power although pervades everything in the manifestation has yet no attachment of any kind in these. In the variegated colours of the manifestation. She holds Her colourless sovereignty.

[842] SivatattvA : Who beings to become manifest at Siva TattvA.

The Supreme Sakti conceives a desire to sprout forth into creation from the first category called Siva Tattva. In the first five categoeis She enjoys divine bliss with full awareness of supreme knowledge. This is her field of bliss.

[843] KAmatattvAnurAginI : Who is impassioned with unversal love.

The Divine Mother lies to remain in Sakti Tattva, or KAma Tattva, also called Kula. This is her immanent aspect. Also, who is approached by those who have gone beyond desire. This may also connote that the deity fulfills all the desires of her devotees.

[844] PrAcI : Who exists in the East.

PrAcI is an epithet of Indra. He is the lord of the east because he killed Vrta, a demon supposed to be a personification of darkness. His famous weapons is the thunderbold. He is of golden colour and can assume any form at will. He is presiding deity of hands. This power is bestowed upon him by MahAmAyA, the supreme power of existence.

[845] AvAcI : Who reigns the South, the field of Death.

Yama, the lord of death is a dikpAla. His field is the southern quarter. According to Uttara RAmAyana his city is called Samyamini, the subduer of passion. So the supreme power of the goddess reigns the south in the form of Yama. Her grace subdues all passions, misleadaing one towards duality.

[846] PratIcI [dik] : who pervades water in the West.

The Mother works through Varuna, who is bestowed with kingship of the waters. As such the western quarter in controlled by this deity. Varuna is the presiding deity of tongue. He is endowed with the power of waxing and waning with Candra [moon] to cause tidal waves in the oceans. That is the change for renewal. That power is the Mother.

[847] UdIcI [dik] : who rules the North for bestowing prosperity

Kubera is given the lordship of oceans, rivers and streams for maintaining the treasures. By adoring the Divine Mother PArvati, Kubera became the Lord of treasures and regent of the North. He became friends of Rudra and chose KailAsa as his abode. The Mother works Her grace through Kubera, the protector of the North.

[848] VidigdisA : Who is the intermediate point of the compass

The central pivot between every two opposite quarters is the power that controls all the quarters. This central force also is the goddess herself as it is She who gives movement to all the quarters

[849] Ahankrtih : Who is the ego in Jivas.

The I-consciousness possessed by every living creature makes it stick to body and love of its environment. It is the little "I" which creates false pride in a thing which is but a means and not the end. It is the supreme consciousness that has by coming into contact with ignorance, condensed into little fragments. That is too be realized with the grace of the Divine Universal Mother. It is ignorance born I-ness, a proof of nothing but our own existence.

[850] AhankArA : Who is the supreme I-consciousness

The I-consciousness that aspires to its height and wants to merge in the supreme source of purity and beatitude is the power of the Divine Mother that is termed PUrnAhantA, the transcendent I-consciousness where the Mother and the Lord, PArvati and Siva, Laksmi and Visnu are one supreme bliss. That is termed monisticinduality in Sankara VedAnta, Kashmir Saiva and SAkta doctrines. It is knowledge born I-ness that aspires to its perfection.

English Translation and Commentary by Jankinath Kaul "Kamal"