Shakti Sadhana

She is the matrix

Wynn Manners

She infuses into us the widening & deepening of awareness,
the remembering of our aeonic cosmic state of being
across the pan-dimensions; for what is this "cross" we carry
but the cross of time & a 3-dimensional sense of limitations?

Time is not successive, but simultaneous;
all times *are* -- in the forever now;
& from this matrix of form we come to the core
of matter, of manifestation thru the pellucidity
of an innocent & undifferentiating awareness.

She is the energy which masks & densifies itself
with the play of form; in Her lila,
in Her play of wo/manifestation it is like a joyous climax
-- the liberation of consciousness that metamorphosizes
& soars beyond the cocoon of its former confines.

She nourishes the deepening of awareness;
in our freedom in Her, clarity comes --
& an awareness of the fullness of liberation
while yet living in the density of this form.

She is the matrix from which everything comes
& to which all returns.