Shakti Sadhana

The Mother
 by Shankaree

Written on Chitra pournami, 2003.

The Mother

I close my eyes
The world becomes dark

The Dark Mother, Ratri comes
To gather us at Her bosom
And we sleep.

Time created by the Timeless one marches on
The horizon lightens
The Law demands we awake

So She becomes Ushas, the Dawn
With Her golden fingers, She caresses us
And we awake.

A child cries for food when it awakes
And so do we
We turn to Her

And She becomes Prithvi, the Earth
Yielding us Her bounties
We eat and become sated

For our play, we wish for trinkets
We call for our Mother

She becomes Lakshmi
Giving us gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and more
So that we maybe happy

We see and covet
So, we wish to fight. But how?
We look to Her

She who smiles becomes furious

She is Kali, the warrior and
We learn the art of war from Her
Enough, we cry.

We want to know now.

So, without complain, She becomes Saraswathi
The flawless One. She gives us knowledge.
And we realize.

"O' Mother! Whatever we ask, You give with joy.
Indeed, who else but You is able to
Shower us with love and gifts?" we praise.

She smiles serenely.

The horizon darkens.
Yet again as Ratri,
She gathers us and we sleep.

I open my eyes and
Glance at the clock.
What wonder?
Only a moment has passed.