Shakti Sadhana

The Golden Glow
 by Prainbow

Bright blessings to you all!

A woman arises on the shortest day
Lights a candle in the darkness straight away
Says a small prayer to set the intent
Of a holiday meant to be lovingly spent

This golden glow
this spark of light
Sign of Your Warmth
for the longest night

The kitchen is scrubbed, the pots are a clatter
Preparing food for the feast is the heart of the matter
Vegetables glisten lined up on the board
Exotic treasures and last harvest's hoard
Rich whole butter and thickest sweet cream
Blessed by winter sunlight, fine mixing bowls gleam

Oh golden glow
this spark of light
Sign of Your Comfort
for the longest night

Soon the air is awash with aromas delicious
Magic to fulfill all holiday wishes
Old fashioned music, tea mixed with spices
Fresh baked bread and coffee entices

Friends come and lounge in the kitchen doorway
Strangers well met swap interesting stories
Guests take their leave and more guests come in
The door's barely closed when the bell rings again.

She catches an eye, hears laughter that peals
Shared conversation and good winter meals
Here and there feels the pause of the season this day
The prayer so quiet in her heart seems to say:

This golden glow
this spark of light
Sign of Your Peace
for the longest night

When did She set, our Lady the Sun?
Candles light up the long night to come
And though length were nothing, feasting soon ends
She says "good night" to the last lingering friend
Returns to the candle that burned all that day
Pauses a moment, one last prayer to say

What glowed this day was my heart, that's true
What was lit up was the house I share with You
What warmed my soul was the friends I love
What reminded me was the sun above
And the giving ground beneath my feet
And the Earth that provided the bountiful feast

The candle extinguished, night's darkness falls
Outside moonlight brightens sidewalks and walls
Inside the heart love illuminates all

This golden glow
this spark of light
Sign of Your Love
on the longest night