Why is it the heroic (Vira) path? [ April 2002 ]

Eve _69

Why is it the heroic (Vira) path? Want to know what people think


Vira sadhana is not for everyone. Further it is said that one has to consider the "desa" (Place) and "Kaala"(time) as well. My guru did initiate me into the use of real panchamakaaras. She left out the fifth and said if you have the inclination you practice that. I never had the inclination so that item i have left out doing it only symbolically.

In the west Vira sadhana is possible because they have serial polygamy (many people). mariage is a very loose institution (by and large, I am not saying ALL in the west are like that). But they lack true teachers. So in India social ties and taboos make it difficult, but in the west they lack the right teachers. I know some who practice it including a master in India.

So in the present "Kaala" vira sadhana is not possible except in Maanasa puja. One of these days I shall post a maanasapooja that includes all this and if recited knowing the meaning and full visualisation one can become a vira sadhak.

Eve _69

Thanks for answering. I am just thinking that perhaps this worship is denigrating for devout people and Hindus especially but for those of us in West who grew up going to raves and taking acid and drugs of every sort, having sex with many people, working until dull witted, drinking three times a week, eating meat and fish always, it is a types of moderation. This itself occurs to me as heroic for some to limit intake of these things.

Now I understand that most of us are what are called pashus, or unenlightened scum. However, such really also isn't the case. What I'm saying is that I think tantra uses karma to create better samskaras. One cannot use karma for getting rid of karma since this is only changing one karma for another. We might remove darkness by using light but light remains. To transcend karma altogether only worship of the unlimited is the way.

Samaya tantra is path of pure sattva while vira is path of tamas. Some people need to transform their longings in the way that they are able. No brahmin would ever take to vira worship since breaking vows. Tantra not really path of brahmins but of ordinary folk. Therefore those of pashu nature who try to break free must use their own means. Try getting a man who eats meat and potatoes every meal to eat vegetable even once. He will get sick as a dog. I think people are having to worship their own way??? Myself, I started wearing very powerful rudrakshas a while back, like strands of one faced, eleven faced, ten faced, nine faced, three faced two faced, I say each separately to make people understand that I have a strand of each separate faced bead.

When starting this I was going to bars every night and smoking, and generally engaging in derogatory nature which has cleared. Do you all consdier this sacriligious? Last night I barbequed pork chops wearing my strand of 27 one mukhi rudraksha. This morning I chanted gayatri and am doing some sun sadhanas because sun is now exalted in aries and in aswini nakshatra, best time of year for solar appreciation for results. Then an hour of TM, followed by some more chanting. Perhaps tonight steak on the bbq and a few beers. Is this life of pashu or of tantric vira? What do others say?


Dear Eve:

You are neither Pashu nor vira now. Panchamakara sadhana is not restricted to non-brahmins. Almost 80% of the viras I have met were Brahmins. They used real panchamakaras including sex. I will not agree with the concept that vira sadhana is Tamasic or that Samaya sadhana is satwic. All the three gunas are there in all the forms of worship. In vira sadhana there are no taboos. you can do ANYTHING as long as you do not hurt another or there is a chance for that. The other is the concept of Karma. For a Sri vidya upasaka there is NO KARMA good or bad. Every day he is a new person and every morning you give up all Karmas and come with a new body as a new born baby.

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