A Conversation about Sri Vidya [Part 3]


A couple of days ago, I while going through the message board, I stumbled upon an old post of childofdevi/yogaman with regards to Practices in Shakti Sadhana. I take up this question again with an accomplished Srividya upasaka. This person/persons gave me permission to post this transcription for those of you who might find it useful, but has asked that their name be withheld for privacy purposes. As before, Nora is me and A is them:

In message 7819, one of our respected member childofdevi asked this question " it has been impressed on me by a lot of my mentors and teachers and some very famous gurus that one must practice one mantra alone and have devotion to one ishta deva alone throughout ones life; I too have noticed that when one practices prolonged practice of one mantra at a time, it brings faster results. Yet in Srividya one finds that different mantras are practiced at different times and different deities are propriated gradually going to Mother Tripurasundari herself- in fact I have heard that Devi cannot be realised other than through the 15 nithyas. Why is this so? "

And our beloved Kochu responded " A lot of mantras of diverse groups are involved. Thats why it is said "kuryaat muhkyamantran, anyamantraan sakrujjapet". I THINK it is because once you get siddhi in one mantra one gets siddhi in all; by the time you get siddhi in one mantra, you are also familiar with others. Infact in the BIG puja of sriyantra you have what is called amnaya Pooja where you have HUNDREDS of mantras. I think the acharyas thought that one should not be a "specialist" but a generalist. "


What do Kochu mean when he says being a specialist and generalist? If one mantra brings in faster results why the need for so many?

[A] If one confines to one mantra alone; you will not know what the other mantras and how they are used. There are mantras and mantras each for specific purposes When you know all it is easy to help others deciding what's good for a particular person at a particular time. All are not eligible for Sri Vidya. Some will require other mantras. So when someone is not eligible for Sri Vidya, if you know only that how can one give another mantra? So one must know all the important mantras, must have the RIGHT to give those mantras, must know what it does and how to use. Sometimes suppose one wants to help a particular individual; if you do not know any other mantra how can one help.

Nora :

Sorry but I do not understand this statement " so when someone is not eligible for srividya if you know only that how can one give another mantra?"

[A] All mantras cannot be recited by all people. The only people who are entitled to recite any mantra is a Sri Vidya Upasaka, for others the mantras are to be checked for compatibility. There are some mantras that are not compatible for some, so the person who gives should know what is compatible and what is not, that can be known only if you know all mantras or at least a large part as no one can really know ALL the mantras. The advantage for a Sri Vidya Upasaka is that he knows quite a lot of mantras because he recites them all every day about 800+ mantras.

Nora :

A person doing Sri Vidya Upasana must be a Devi devotee, but not all devotee can do Sri Vidya Upasana?

[A] The Sri Vidya Upasaka can do Upasana of any devata. Only someone who is CHOSEN by Devi gets Sri Vidya. It is said you do not choose Sri Vidya but Sri Vidya chooses you. When you get it when you look back you will see how you have been guided slowly and surely to your guru.

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