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When I take the time to meditate, I am better in the world than when I do not. If karma is related to momentum then meditation gives the universe a chance to interrupt my momentum and possibly send me in a different direction, or just put a different "english" on my spin.

Devi Bhakta

Hi Paulie:

You made an interesting comment, "If karma is related to momentum, then meditation gives the universe a chance to interrupt my momentum and possibly send me in a different direction ..."

I think this is absolutely so.

In simplest terms, Shaktism explains the hugely complex unfolding of the Cosmos in terms of three basic qualities of matter/energy; or gunas: Sattva is the spiritual tendency back toward the Source of Cration; Tamas is the material tendency away from that Source; and Rajas is the neutral quality of motion that can carry us in either direction.

Sadhana is, at bottom, a disciplined, systematic movement upward against the material (downward) flow of material creation. Which is, in a way, exactly the effect that you noted in your own practice.

By the way, it's worth noting that Shaktism reads a pivotal moment in the Devi Mahatmyam to illustrate precisely this point. Chapter 2, Verses 9 onward describe what is commonly understood as the "birth" of Devi from the collective energies of the gods.

The secret meaning of this passage is quite obvious when you think in terms of the gunas, as discussed above. After all, the energies of the gods are the devis. The gods are not the source of Devi's energy - because SHE is energy itself. The gods are not "creating" Devi from their own various qualities -- rather, they are accessing and making manifest the SOURCE of those qualities, who is Devi Herself. By following their diverse and discrete powers back upward to the common Source of them all, they are reversing the material "downward" tendency toward multiplication of forms.

That is what is means when the Shakta Tantras speak of "becoming Devi." That is why sadhana yields certain siddhis or powers as the upward journey toward the Source is made. By our sadhana, we are reversing the tendency toward material differences and distinctions, and merging upward into Devi, our Common Source.

Aum MAtangyai NamaH

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