Mantra have no Power?


Mantra has no power !, I have chanted 1000 names of Lalita at least 1000 times. No benefits.


Thats exactly what I was saying in an earlier post. Mantras have some rules when they are chanted for benefits. How did you chant LS? With the Nyasas? with a sankalpa? all the three chapters? tell me. Did u follow the injunctions in the poorva peethika? Without these it would be just jalpana. However chanting without all these and without specific aims but as nishkama will bring you results in one minute.


SRIRAMA DONGRE, You wrote, "I have chanted 1000 names of Lalita atleast 1000 times. No benifit."

Now, chant the 1000 names of Lalita another 1000 times but with devotion and without expection of reward.

Brianna Mosteller

Umm, what powers were you expecting? I find it interesting that after chanting LS "at least 1000 times" which would be everyday for a little over two and a half years, (which is quite a commitment, considering how long it takes to recite the whole thing) that you feel you have not benefited. Perhaps it is the sincerity of your devotion that lacks power, and not the mantra. Are you expecting siddhis? Purpose of LS is to celebrate Divine Mother, it's power lies in the miracles that come when one's heart is rushing toward the divine in a focused river of love. Then She, the author of everything, fulfills all our "desires." She makes the way clear for our journey home.

In the end, all of our desires will amount to only one desire, and we attain it by remaining focused on it. So if you've been focusing on it, chanting LS all the time, what are you expecting? Wealth? Power? Prestige? Wisdom? How can you think it has no power? Even if we were to sit around chanting the word "hate" for years and years, eventually our minds would become so one-pointed that our hearts would turn to God. I'm sure you know this tale, but I'll quote it here as food for thought.

"Ratnakaran had been a highway robber. Waylaying the celestial sage Narada, he was advised by the sage to give up his sinful way of making a living. Narada asked the robber to go and inquire from his family whether they were prepared to to bear part of the fruits of the sinful actions by which he was supporting them. Shocked to hear that they would not do so, Ratnakaran returned to the sage and took refuge in him in order to escape the dire consequences of his evil actions. Narada advised him to chant the divine name of Rama. Ratnakaran was sos sinful that the holy name "Rama" would not come to his lips. Narada therefore asked him to repeat the word "Mara" which means "tree" but if reversed becomes "Rama." Taking this advie to heart, Ratnakaran began chanting and became so completely absorbed that he was gradually covered over by an anthill (valmika). Thereafter, he became known as the great sage Valmiki, the author of the epic Ramayana.
-Awaken Children, part 2 Mata Amritanandamayi

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