The Effects of Mantras


Why do we need to recite the Mantras properly?

Another asked : How does Mantras brings about state of harmonious influence over the whole body and mind?


This is what I think happen, the mantras are the sound that once you recite it different mantras emitting different vibrations, each vibration in return stimulate the body to cause another chain reaction which is within our body itself the very energy that is lying "sleeping" are suddenly been awaken and these energy suddenly began to "wake" up and say "hey something is going on now", "I am awake again", "okay who is this person who woke me up!" and suddenly this "energy" began to take its shape and recognizes the person. From what I see is that there is always the light within us but with mantras and the nyaasa is like the whole room being switch on and you are able to see everything around you. I am not sure I am making sense, but this is what I think happen.


Yes, that is basic -- it is in us. We are not "getting" anything new, but rather accessing something as old as time. It's already flowing through us; it is our essence. The think is to "know" that; not just intellectually, but to feel it and accept it entirely. Then you are a conscious part of the flow, and you can access it all as easily as you access your own physical mind I think pronunciation is important the effect is there no matter what but the nyasas seem to speed the process. It is like a car can run even if you give it bad gas and it needs a tune up --- BUT if you give it good gas and fine-tine its engine, it can race. I think it is vibration


oh! I believe the intention is more important, the intention behind the mantra and the bonding that one has with the supreme. There is a reason for everything and so there is a reason for the mantra.


Kochu said not "awaken" but stirred


it's like acupuncture or chiropractic -- it's perfected through centuries of trial and error. Well, stirred means like a light prodding -- ashwini is asleep and comfortable, but you are starting to lightly tap and prod her, saying "Come on, it's time to wake up." So she is not yet awake, but she is beginning to stir. And if you keep tapping and prodding, even so lightly and gently, she will awaken fully quite soon.


I thought more of like the Churning of the ocean. When the ocean being churn, a lot of things came out of it.


I think churning is a similar but different process. When you churn milk, it becomes butter and this corresponds to the tattvas -- creation becomes heavier as it devolves.


When you stir, the sugar dissolves too.


Right -- there is no signs of the sugar, but still the evidence that it is there is you are still able to taste it. But I don't think he meant this kind of stirring; in the sense he was speaking of is the movement of a human body that is asleep but moving toward awakening.


What Devi_Bhakta said is right. Its just like stiring in sleep.Churning is too violent

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