A group Conversation : How do we put all the Goddesses in Context

There are Seven Matrikas, Ten Mahavidyas, and Sri Vidya. And more. Is there any group that combines them all? If they all really exist then there must be some kind of structure like the Sri Chakra that places them all for better understanding.


Baba is correct; Sri Chakra is the sublime and subtle diagram that contains the entire essence of Devi.

Understand that She is too vast for the human intellect to comprehend; until we realize Her, however, we need approximations to point us in the right direction. Her myriad forms and mythologies provide various entries that hint at Her totality. Since we are all different, a mythology or approach that works for one devotee may leave another cold. And so there are many ways.

But once we settle upon a given form as our ishtadevi, an amazing thing happens. The more we sit and contemplate Her, the more open ourselves to Her, the more "connections" we begin to see and feel between Her and other Devi forms. These alternative approaches merge into our chosen form -- and she becomes ever richer and more universal.

Sri Chakra is an advanced and subtle representation of this phenomenon, and -- if you are initiated into its use -- a map to guide you through the experience. A grosser representation, i.e. an anthropomorphic approximation of this concept, is Devi ParaShakti -- and since this Group aims to provide a forum for devotees of ALL forms of Devi, it is this form that appears in the Shakti_Sadhana "Profile" page

Aum Maatangyai Namahe

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