A Conversation About Srividya [ Part 5 ]: Effects of Sri Vidya Upasana [ 2004 ]
Jatin Prakash

I am doing vigorous Tapas and meditation for the last five years. With all that, my troubles and difficulties are multiplying. I have lost my job. I am starving now. What shall I do? Is this the Grace of the Lord? How can I continue my Sadhana when I have nothing to eat?

This is a question I found on other yahoo group. I had similar observations when I started Sri Vidya Sadhana a year ago. Although I used to be mentally good day by day but the troubles and difficulties seem to multiply. How do we explain this. Is it related to some karma theory? I hope any learned member would explain.

Sankara Menon

I am not that advanced but I understand that this is the karma being worked out fast. Thats part of the regimen. Surrender the difficulties to Devi and say (I mean TELL HER) they are yours and see what happens


I hate to say this but nothing cuts through materialism like having nothing. One should always remember that times of no means are the best times also for sadhana. May be sometimes you thought the wish that you only wanted to serve the Lord, and then the chance came. With nothing in hand all one can do at such times is to serve the Lord. One must always look to karma. A simple story tells of a man praying for God's grace in the soup line for a week, and finally he is disheartened by what he deems God's not listening and God finally answers and says, did you not notice the extra chunk of fat in your soup yesterday?

Satish Arigela

I agree with what other members said.

When asked about the nature of Srividya, I was told that the mantra when properly received and done, will cause karma kshaya and papa kshaya(exhaustion of karmas and papas) at a dramatic rate, which is the reason for the above mentioned phenomenon.

Same thing happens when doing sadhana with other mantras too, but not as rapid as it happens with Srividya

Sankara Menon

let me explain a saying in srividya:

It is said one has to be verily Sankara himself or in one's last birth to get sri vidya. Since we are not Shankara, it has to be the last birth or when we get it, it becomes our last birth. So the karma kshaya or papa kshaya has to be faster than normal.

But let me tell you, I have observed that when one gets srividya and does upasana deligently normally and naturally you are thrust into greatness whether one realises it or not.

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