A group Conversation : Difference between Sri Vidya and Dasa Mahavidya

Jatin Prakash
Can anybody guide me the difference between sri vidya and dasam mahavidya.

Devi bhakta
Maybe I am being too basic; please let me know if I am, and give me a broader idea or context on what you are asking.

But very broadly speaking, SriVidya denotes Supreme Wisdom; it is a sophisticated Tantric system of shakti sadhana.

Sri Chaitanyananda Natha Sarswathi observes: "In the beginning was the One, unmanifest and unqualified. It desired to be many. That first desire is indeed the Mother of this Universe. When the manifold universe emerged from the One, the original desire pervaded all its manifestations. Tracing the roots of the inner most desire in ourselves (the microcosm) is the surest and safest path to reach Her. The desire to know her comes by Her Grace. She reveals Herself as the Universe and its Mother at the same time, to all who so desire. The mysteries of the Universe remain mysteries no more. For the knowledge She bestows on Her devotees is that of the Supreme Self, otherwise known as SriVidya."
Br> The Dasa Mahavidyas are the Ten Wisdom Goddesses -- they are deities within the Srividya system (and within other Shakta traditions as well); they are the primary forms of Devi worshiped in Tantric Shaktism. My guru, Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathi, notes: "There are many, many more than ten ways to reach Godhood. However, the Dasa Mahavidyas are the ten most important ways. ... Kali, Tara, Sundari, Bhuvana, Bhairavi, Chandi, Dhuma, Bhagala, Matangi, Kamala are the names for the ten paths. The ultimate goal is the same in each case; integration of all forms into one Godhood, which is identical with the self."

Aum Maatangyai Namahe

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