Significant of Panchadasi Mantra [ 2005 ]

“Can you please tell me what does the scriptures say about the benefits of chanting panchadasi mantra"

Odd question to be asked by someone who claim to be initiated into Sri Vidya Upasana. Let me refresh your previous comment : "my guru who has initiated me into sri vidya upasana, is himselve a great Kaula guru and when ...."

vikram vanam
But however I am curious to know what the scriptures say about the benefits of chanting the Panchadasi Mantra

Am I not correct if I want to see what would be the goal even before I have reached it

Yes, I have been initiated and my Guru did say what happens when you start chanting

vikram vanam wrote: But however I am curious to know what the scriptures say about the benefits of chanting the panchadasi mantra Am i not correct if I want to see what would be the goal even before I have reached it. Yes, I have been initiated and my Guru did say see what happens when you start chanting.

Nora asked : When you scale the mountains, what is more important to you? Reaching the top or the process of taking that journey to reach top.

I am being told many times : why are some people so stupid. When you can just take the helicopter and land on the top of the mountain instead of wasting their time trying to climb from the bottom.

Does our spiritual journey end with moksha? Is the end is our prime goal or the process itself?

It might be a weakness of mine, I am very inquisitive in knowing what happens when a sadhaka approaches the door of liberation opened by the divine mother

And can a sadhaka remain dual till the end if he is a sri vidya upasaka, since I want to enjoy being close to the divine mother rather than merging in her

...... thus the sayings goes : curiosity kills the cat. How can you set the goal when you are the goal itself, for Devi is within you.

vikram vanam
The end is important as the means and since i am a dualist I would not consider moksha as the goal
In Its like somebody saying: I like to be in the university but I dont want to graduate. I want to remain in here as long as I can. While others graduate, specialise in the field of their choice and able to contribute and make a difference to humanity, you remain stuck as you are.

My favourite quote : the stationary condition is the beginning of the end.

Can you please clarify my doubt

If a sadhaka merges himself into divine mother or he realises the divine mother in him, would his individual identity gets destroye if so who is the devotee or who enjoys the bliss

Why not ask your guru and share the information with us

Moksha is not something foreign to yourself which has to be reached or inserted into you by force and maybe even against your will. It is self rememberance. You can only remember something which is already there.If you imagine moksha to be a goal you have to reach you are suffering from a delusion that keeps you from reaching peace of mind and happiness.

Reaching moksha is different. It is more like a realisation of an error you made since countless incarnations by imagining an ego and the idea of mine etc. You actually stay as you are you only discard errors and illusions about yourself and the world.

It is like you look on the reflection of the moon and you think this is the moon and then you look up realising that thi is not true. You did not change the moon did not change and the reflection did not change only your knowledge.

Manidvipa is a place to be found within yourself it does not exist outside and if it would it would be of no importance to you since you are living on earth.

Panchadasi is brahma vidya. Brahmavidya is self rememberance.

In the midst of the brain-conch, like the sun-shine glitters the "a". Within it is situated, the "u" sound of moon-like splendor.

The "m" sound too, like the fire, smokeless, resembling a lightning flash. Thus shine the three moras, like the Moon, the Sun and the fire.

For that wherein the sound fades away is the Brahman, the higher. Yea, the whole sound is Brahman and conduces to immortality.

(BrahmaVidya Upanishad)

Thanks for your enlighting thought on this subject.

But again I would ask there are different kinds of moksha like merging/identifying one self as deity or being a companion of the god or having the same form of god or being with God

So can a sadhaka of srividya reject the highest level of realisation and remain as a seperate identity closer to divine mother

Devi Bhakta
You ask to know "about the benefits of chanting the panchadasi mantra" so that you can "see what would be the goal even before I have reached it." This despite the fact that your Guru has advised you to simply practice, and "see what happens when you start chanting."

So -- to my understanding, you are looking for more concrete explanations than those with which your Guru has already provided you. And thus I must ask you (or rather, ask you to ask yourself): Do you not trust your Guru's guidance? Is it really necessary to invite strangers in an online forum to second-guess her or him? It does not seem to be a promising basis for a Guru-shishya relationship.

In fact, your question raised in my mind the same issues raised at the outset by Nora. Are you really initiated? If so, in what parampara? Because, generally speaking, if a shishya belongs to a proper lineage then this question would never arise in the first place.

Still, I see no harm in accepting your representation that yes, you're initiated, though the details remain obscure. And I can only tell you what I was taught by my own guru, that the Pancadasi is a hugely powerful mantra that brings the shishya exactly what the guru who gives it wants it to give her or him. It is a channel for infinite power, wealth, health, fame, enjoyment and grace – but its effects vary, depending on the individual using it. It delivers only and precisely what is needed in each individual case.

Even in the Vedas, Panchadasi is given in coded form only; in fact, few people even realize it is there. In my own Guru's words, "It is usually not written down in the mantra form because it is supposed to be transmitted directly, orally, from Guru to shishya. And even if it is found is written in a book, it cannot be taken from there as it will not yield results. Like a woman of quality, She [Panchadasi] can be had only through proper marriage – meaning initiation from a Guru; and not just any Guru, but only one who has attained its fruits. It [the mantra] is an unthinkably rich asset and blessing; it is like an uncut jewel. The more you polish it, the more beautiful it becomes. The more you practice it the more you get out of it."

And that, dear Vikram, is as specific as I'm going to get. The rest you will learn from your Guru, or you will not learn it at all. If you still hunger for additional commentary on this great mantra, I refer you to Shankaracharya's Soundaryalahari.

I would further add that Nora has answered you well in your exchange earlier today. Perhaps you should go back and review what she has said. Sometimes when we insist upon being taught or given something too persistently and single-mindedly, we miss the subtle attempts of others to provide precisely what we seek, just in a form slightly different than we expected.

"Merger" is a misnomer, as no action is required to achieve oneness. Unity is the Reality, not the goal. The goal is *experiential realization* of that reality, with the attendant effects. That is moksha.

All of the atoms and cells of your body are, in a sense, individual parts of a collective whole, but they are also you, right? So you can gaze at your reflection in any mirror and adore yourself as the handsome devil you are (you are, of course, right? like all the rest of us here? *lol*) -- but that adorable creature is still you, is it not? Yes, it is! Congratulations! You've achieved duality within Unity. And of course, you are perfectly free to do the same in your sadhana.

"This way and that way
I tried to keep the pail of water together,
hoping the weak bamboos
would never break
But suddenly the bottom fell out:
no more water
no more moon in the water
and emptiness in my hand!"
Mugai Nyodai -- Japan's first female Zen Master
sankara menon
vikram vanam wrote:The end is important as the means And since i am a dualist I would not consider moksha as the goal
vikram vanam
I did ask my guru, he said that its a delusion to that the devotee, the guru and the divine diety are seperate.

However personally I like to remain in a dual state and be with the divine mother in Manidwipa, the highest heaven described in devi bhagavatham

Mary Ann
For any interested, this is excerpted from Deepak Chopra's book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire - Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence.

Deepak defines "sutra" as a mantra that has meaning, an intention that is encoded on the sound of the mantra. He says "sutra" is related to the Latin noun "sutura" which is the basis of the word "suture," to join together by sewing. Thus, a sutra is a stitch on the soul.

FYI Deepak recommends following the guidelines in the book in order, and I am on my own, but I'm only sharing on the list as I feel motivated and able.

From Chapter 12, The Fifth Principle: Harness Your Emotional Turbulence

Sutra: Moksha

I am emotionally free.

Imagine that you are without physical form, a field of awareness everwhere at all times.


Imagine that you have left behind forever any sense of anger or resentment.


Imagine that you are free from blaming, free from feeling blame and guilt.


Imagine that you are never drawn into melodrama or hysteria.


Imagine that you can choose any emotional feeling you want to experience.


Imagine that you can set any goal you want to achieve and actually achieve it.


Imagine that you are free of your habitual compulsions and patterns of behavior.


Imagine that you are free of any addictions.


Imagine that you never participate in any gossip.


Imagine that you are free to respond at the highest level, no matter what the situation is or how anyone else behaves.


Imagine that there are no limitations to what you can manifest.


Imagine that you can see infinite possibilities at all times.


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