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NMadasamy : Somebody post me this question via messenger. I thought its good to post it here : "During kundalini yoga we move the energy from muladara to shasrara I have read that energy is shakthi and the will is Siva so both are important so one cannot call himself a Sakta!"Any takers?

Arjuna Taranandanatha
In my view the whole question is based upon erroneous presuggestions.

So let us examine these one by one:

1. Kundalini is a flow of Divine Shakti, revelational power of Godhead (anugraha-shakti). At first place, Kundalini is a descending power; this process of descent of grace is called shakti[ni]pata. It is never "we" who "move kundalini" but exactly vice versa. She is not under our control but we are totally under Hers. This is a common mistake to concider kundalini a kind of subservient to us energy. Or "a snake in the ass" which one intends to "awake" by means of numerous awkward techniques. Described commonly sensations of "raising of kundalini" is 99% of cases are either psychally induced or related to subtle physiology (sukshma-sharira). The signs of awakening of kundalini is not shaking or burning in asshole, but spiritual transformation and ecstatic elevation. Summing up, it should be put thus: "When Divine grace falls upon us and descends from sahasrara to muladhara, this process is called kundalini-yoga". There is also another meaning related to Kula-yaga which is irrelevant to the case so i won't go into its detail now.

2. It is erroneous and naive to take the name of certain tradition as an exclusive technical characteristic of its metaphysics or practice. If we use the name "shAkta" that doesn't mean that we neglect Siva :). It simply means that one is connected with Shakti or one is "of Shakti". That indeed signifies the nature of tantric doctrine and method, but it doesn't imply that other principle is rejected. It is only Siva who is truely "Shakta"! It is needed to note that Tantras accept only One God, who is appearing to us in two modes - as light of consciousness (prakasha) and self-awareness (vimarsha), "male" and "female". These are not separate entities but one single Reality, Brahman.Finally tantric adepts follow the way of parampara, tradition. This term "shakta" was not invented by me or you, it is used in revealed texts and by holy gurus. Thus it is true, and its use is based on proper authority.

3. Will is also a kind of energy, ichha-shakti. It is generally held that Consciousness (Chit) is Siva and Bliss (Ananda) with the rest of 3 divine powers is Shakti.However, for instance, B.N. Pandit in Svatantrya-darpana (3.1) says that "When He is bliss, He is named Siva, and when He is will, He is named Shakti". In any case will is attributed to Shakti, Devi.

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