Installation of Deity

"Initially what you put in the sanctum sanctorum is but a piece of stone or metal. Then the Tantrika who is installing the deity goes in and sits in meditation in front of the deity, and imagines the cosmos to the very end of all the galaxies. And then you slowly reduce the Universe to your own galaxy; a sort of folding inward. Then the galaxy is reduced to the solar system and thence to earth and thence to the country and thence to the immediate environs of the place of the temple, thence to the boundary of the temple and thence to the sanctum sanctorum; and thence to the Kundalini in the mooladhara of the installer. There it is visualised as a flame inside a lotus.

An external lotus is taken (a real one), a lamp is held on it, and then you join the flame in the kundalini with that your hand. You raise the flame in your moolaadhara to the hrit chakra and then take it out of there to join with the real flame Then you imagine a similar flame in the mooladhara of the diety, and that too is raised to the hrit chakra. And the flame in diety's hrit chakra is taken out and joined with the real flame (there are mantras being recited during all this which helps the visualization).

Thus, the flame - that is, the Universe, including everything - is one. There is only one flame; then from that flame you install the flame at the hrit chakra of the diety with Mudras. Then you reinstall the fame in the installer's heart chakra, and it goes back to the mooladhara, and then the Universe flame is taken out and re-expanded to the very edges of the Universe. Before all this, the Nyasas are performed on the installer and the diety simultaneously. Thus the installer is the devata and it is from the installer that the universe is installed in the diety. Rather interesting, eh?"

"In this context you must also understand the Tantric installation of dieties (statue, picture, or what have you), because the whole process is repeated when you are worshipping another individual" [ Related topic : Worship of Human Being ]

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