Healing [ 2 ]


"Mind is never peaceful -- no-mind is peace. Mind itself can never be peaceful, silent. The very nature of the mind is to be tense, to be in confusion. Mind can never be clear, it cannot have clarity, because mind is by nature confusion, cloudiness. Clarity is possible without mind, peace is possible without mind, silence is possible without mind -- so never try to attain a silent mind. If you do, from the very beginning you are moving in an impossible dimension" So says Osho.[The Root Problem of All Problems]

I am not sure weather to agree or to disagree with this statement. But personally I believe, one of the ways even before we talk about merging with DEVI, our mind must be at peace. Peace with ourselves and those around us and I believe this is possible.

Why do our minds are so unsettled or easily agitated? IS there an unresolved issues that bugs us. The underlying trauma that have "hurt" us physically/emotionally/psychologically. Mostwill say "Nah! Ive overcome it" but did we? Or we cover it up with other emotions so as not to show that we are indeed hurt and still hurting. Its like the wound. The wound need to be healed. Even if the wound did heal, it still leaves scars and to some extend pain. Not severe but dull irritating pain. Once we try to stretch our selves, the pain get severe, and it hurts us. That is why perhaps to some it is the trigger point. You touch the point, they go berserk and into uncontrolled rage.

We need to resolve that pain before we talk about healing altogether. Personally I believe Healing is the first step to any spiritual progress. So one way of solving this root problem I think is to address this issue of pain and healing.


Hate just like any other emotions of anger, love etc are rooted deep with in us. It is easy to say : Detach! Detach or Purify! Purify! as Omprem remarked in one of his post. But one young member asked me : HOW!

It is a very powerful word isn't it. To say that " I do not harbour Hate in me" I am lying to myself. I have a thousand and one reasons to hate certain people. I should be hating man because I am almost rape by them when I am just a young girl. They too molested me several time. Man ridicule and make fun of me a lot of time. Man called me "bitch" and a "Fundamentalist Feminist" because I refuse to respond to their advances. But to be honest I don't hate Man nor anybody at all. We shouldn't blame the rest when it is the doing of one group of people.

In my previous post I mention about Healing. I strongly believe that Healing is the first step in any spiritual journey. Many embarked in spiritualism with the hope to get heal, but the most important of all is this desire to be healed. And this desire must come from within. One must be open to healing. One young member asked me a question about spiritual & emotional Healing. How does one knows that he/she is emotionally healed?

I don't think so that I can answer that question. I am not a psychologist, even a psychologist will not be able to give any assurance. But I like to share a story about Vijaya ( this is not her real name). Vijaya is kind enough to allow me to share her story with others with the hope that others too will learn something from her experience.

Vijaya comes from a broken home. Both her parents are teachers. They are too busy fighting with each other. She blamed herself for her parents break up marriage. She failed her final exams twice and was really depress. All she wanted is to study but nobody is giving her the alternative avenue. We cross each other path and we had a long talk. We talk about her ambitions but never about her family troubles. I know there is more than just family quarrels, but since Vijaya choose not to mention it, I did not persue. Eventually we managed to put her in a Nursing school. Initially it was tough on her, but through guidance and encouragement she pulls through. After one year, Vijay came back to me. This time she looks different. More cheerful and lively. I asked her during dinner " If you were to compare yourself now with one year ago, how have you progress?"

She stop for awhile, went into deep thoughts and reply " A year ago I always believe that I am the only one who have problem. I used to lament about my problems. Now after observing others especially during my ward posting, I realize that my problems are actually minute. I didn't realize that there are others who suffer much more than me. Neither am I angry with my parent. I don't blame them nor I blame myself."

Vijaya became The President of the Hindu Association in her College, will be completing her Nursing Degree and will commence her Masters in Nursing very soon.

Can we consider her healed?

I am seeing a very different person. From an emotionally disturbed young lady to a very determined and assertive student leader.

In your previous posts, you mentioned about diseases and deeply held emotional issues that are the seed causes for the disease. I want to recommend a good book, by Louis Hay (I cant recall the name but it is very popular, search on www.amazon.com)- at the index of the book she gives various diseases that caused by particular psychological issues.The only reason not to entertain hate, fear, anger etc. are not for any moral reasons (moralists may disagree) but they cause incalculable damage to oneself!

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