28. In the throat is the Lotus called Vishuddha, which is pure and of a smoky purple hue. All the 16 shining vowels on its 16 petals, of a crimson hue, are distinctly visible to those whose minds [buddhi] are illumined. In the pericarp of this lotus there is the Ethereal Region, circular in shape, and white like the full Moon [ether is the element governing this Chakra]. On an elephant white as snow is seated the Biija of Ambara [i.e. "Ham"], who is white in color.

29. Of His [i.e. the Biija's] four arms, two hold the noose [paasha] and goad [ankusha], and the other two make the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear [i.e. the vara and abhaya mudras]. These add to His beauty. In his lap there ever dwells the great snow-white Deva [Shiva], three-eyed and five-faced, with ten beautiful arms, and clothed in a tiger's skin. His body is united with that of Giriijaa [Devi; i.e. the deity's form is the androgyne Ardhanareshwari], and He is known by what His name, Sadaa-Shiva [i.e. "The Ever-Beneficent One"], signifies.

30. Purer than the Ocean of Nectar is the Shakti Saakiinii, who dwells in this Lotus. Her raiment is yellow, and in Her four lotus- hands She carries the bow, the arrow, the noose and the goad. The whole region of the Moon without the mark of the hare [i.e. the "Man in the Moon"] is in the pericarp of this Lotus. This region is the gateway of great Liberation for those who desire the wealth of Yoga and whose senses are pure and controlled.

31. Those who have attained complete knowledge of the Aatmaa [Brahman] become great Sages [Kavi] -- eloquent and wise, enjoying uninterrupted peace of mind -- by concentrating their minds [Citta] upon this Lotus. They see the three periods [past, present and future], and become the benefactors of all, free from disease and sorrow and long-lived; and like Hamsa, the destroyer of endless dangers.

31(a). Yogis who fix their minds constantly on this Lotus, their breath controlled by Kumbhaka, would in their wrath be able to move all the three worlds. Neither Brahma nor Vishnu, neither Hari-Hara [the combined form of Shiva and Vishnu] nor Surya[the Sun] nor Ganapa [i.e., Ganesh, or Ganapati] would be able to resist them.

From the Sat-Chakra-Nirupana


"At the base of the throat [kantha-muule] is the Vishuddha Chakra, with 16 petals of smoky purple hue. Its filaments are ruddy, and the 16 vowels -- which are red and have the Bindu above them -- are on the petals. In its pericarp is the ethereal region [nabho-mandala], circular and white. Inside it is the Candra-mandala, and above it is the Biija 'Ham'. This Biija is white and garmented in white, eseated on an elephant, and is four-armed. In his four hands he holds the noose [paasha] and the goad [ankusha], and makes the vara-mudra and the abhaya-mudra.

"In his lap is Sadaa-Shiva, seated on a great lion-seat, which is placed on the back of a bull. He is in his form as Arddha- naariishvara, and as such half his body is the color of snow, and the other half the color of gold. He has five faces and ten arms, and in his hands he holds the trident [shuula], battle-axe [tanka], sacrificial sword [khagda], thunderbolt [vajra], dahana [agneya- astra], the great snake [naagendra], bell [ghanta], goad [ankusha], noose [paasha], and makes the abhaya mudra. He wears a tiger's skin, his whole body is smeared with ashes, and he has a garland of snakes round his neck. The nectar dripping from the downturned digit of the Moon is on his forehead.

"Within the pericarp, in the Lunar Region and seated on bones, is the Shakti SAKINI [Saakinii], white in color, four-armed, five-faced and three-eyed, clothed in yellow, and carrying in Her hand a bow, an arrow, a noose and a goad."

From The Serpent Power, by Sir John Woodroffe, 1919


"There are seven spinning wheels of energy in you. If you pay attention to the actions given below carefully and remember them, you will experience these spinning wheels. ...

"5. Visuddhi, the wheel of astral communication in space. There is a 16 petal wheel around the space in your neck. It has light and dark blue colors like the sky. It spins to the sound of "Hang" ["Ham"], which spreads to the crown. Utter this sound seven times. By placing attention here, you will acquire powers like hearing at a distance, seeing far away places, talking with spirits, Apsaras, Angels, Goddesses and Gods. This is the wheel of communication in space across immense distances. The ability to enter another person and know the experiences as your own is obtained by prolonged practice of paying attention to this wheel."

From Seeing Goddess, by Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati, 1998

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