14. There is another Lotus, placed inside the Sushumnaa at the root of the genitals, of a beautiful vermilion color. On its six petals are the letters from Ba to Puramdara [i.e., La], with the Bindu [Anusvaara] superimposed, of the shining color of lightning.

15. It is the white, shining, watery region of Varuna [i.e. Water is the governing element of this Chakra], of the shape of the half- moon; and therein, seating on a Makara [an alligator-like mythological creature], is the Biija Vam, stainless and white as the autumnal moon.

16. May Hari, who is within it [i.e., Vishnu, who is seated in the "lap" of the Bindu of Vam] -- who is in the pride of early youth, whose body is of a luminous blue that is beautiful to behold; who is dressed in yellow raiment, is four-armed, and wears the Shri- vatsa and the Kaustubha -- protect us!

17. It is here that Rakini always shines. She is of the color of a blue lotus. The beauty of Her body is enhanced by Her uplifted arms, holding various weapons. She is dressed in celestial raiment and ornaments, and Her mind is exalted with the drinking of ambrosia [i.e. She drinks the nectar dripping down from the Sahasraara, and is exalted by the Divine Energy that infuses Her].

18. Those meditating upon this stainless Lotus, which is named Svaashisthaana, are freed immediately from all their enemies, such as the fault of Ahakaara [Egoism] and so forth. They become masters among Yogis, and are like the Sun illuminating the darkness of ignorance [Moha]. The wealth of their nectar-like words flow in prose and verse, in well-reasoned discourse.

From the Sat-Chakra-Nirupana


"The Svaadhisthaana Chakra is of the color of vermilion, and has six petals. On its six petals are the six letters Ba, Bha, Ma, Ya, Ra and La, with the Bindu placed thereon. The letters are the color of lightning.

"In the pericarp of this Lotus is the region of Water in the form of an eight-petalled Lotus, with a half-moon in its center. This region is white. Inside this latter is the Varuna-Bija "Vam," seated on a Makara with a noose in his hand. in the lap of Vam (i.e. in the hollow of the Bindu) is Vishnu seated on Garuda. He has four hands, and is carrying the shankha [conch-shell], chakra [discus], gadaa [mace], and padma [lotus]. He is dressed in yellow raiment, wears a Vanamaalaa [long garland] round his neck, the mark Sri-vastsa and the gem Kaustubha on his breast, and is youthful in appearance.

"On a red lotus in the pericarp is the Shakti RAKINI [Raakinii]. She is Shyaama-varna, and in Her four hands She holds the shuula [spear or trident], abja [lotus], damaru [drum] and tanka [battle-axe]. She is three-eyed and has fierce projecting fangs [kutila-damstrii], and is terrible to behold. She is fond of white rice [shuklaanna], and a stream of blood runs from Her nostril."

From The Serpent Power, by Sir John Woodroffe, 1919


"There are seven spinning wheels of energy in you. If you pay attention to the actions given below carefully and remember them, you will experience these spinning wheels. ...

"2. Swadhishtana is the six-petal wheel. This is the sex center. A trishul shaped like a yoni is within a six petal wheel. It has an orange color and a white moon adorns it. At this place, the vibrations of sex keep going round and round like a wheel. This is the original seat of the transcendental Goddess, and the meaning of 'Swadhistana' is that the Shakti resides there. From there, the sound of Vang [Vam] rises to the crown. This is the seed sound of nectar, being a rose color, a mixture of semen-white and blood-red. The clitoris is the seat of Kundalini, identifiable with the Snake God Kumara."

From Seeing Goddess, by Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati, 1998

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