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**** Devi Is Everywhere ****

Mahishasura Mardini
Is the Goddess a Feminist?
The Gender Issue
Tantra, Women and Sexuality
Instant Goddess
Unsual Approache to Goddess Worship
What is the difference between Kamala & Lakshmi?

Devi Mahatmyam
Installation of Deity
Worship a Human
Nyaasa & Mantras
What is Mudras?
Yoga And Tantra
Healing [ 1 ]
Healing [ 2 ]
Shiva Vs Shakti Tattva
The Effects of Mantra
The Saptamatrikas
Causes of Kundalini Raising
Shakti : The Sex Energy
The Forms and Formless
Goddess in One Context
Shaktism: Not Anti-Shiva, But Definitely Pro-Devi
Differencec between Sri Vidya and Dasa Mahavidya
Tantra : A definition ( Private Exchange )

** What is Sri Vidya **
A conversation about Sri Vidya
[ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] [ Part 5 ]
The Four Traditions in Sri vidya

Tantra : A belief System?
Shakti Sadhana: An Obligation to the World
The Goddess in One Major Purana
Empathy : A Conversation
The Goddess's Promises in "Devi Mahatmya"
Visualization : A Conversation
Does the Goddess ever question herself
What makes a Woman a Woman
Why is it the Heroic ( Vira ) Path?
The Devi Mahatmyam : The Constant Bloody Battling
Why does DEVI have so many names
Ancient Vs Modern Wisdom
Does our journey ends with Moksha?

Dolls to represent Devi
Ragu Kalam Durga Pooja
Symbolism of Khadgamala
Balance Between Faith and Reason
Religious Systems and Cultural Environment : Why Only Sons?
Sadhana : Merging Upwards Into DEVI
Law Of Karma
What is Tantra
Academics And Tantric Shaktism
Scientific Pathenism And Shakti Sadhana
If there is a short cut version, why the need for long form of pooja?
The Mother Goddess and Tantric Shaktism
Do shakta embrace the profane
Bija, Pranava, Realization [ A Dialogue ]
Kali Yuga : Are we in a different Yuga?
Japa : How and Why?
Are All Tools Equal? Are All Mantras?
A Conversation about Matangi and Mantrah
'Authentic Maithuna' vs. Ordinary Sexual Intercourse
Sri Aurobino : A discussion
Mantra have no power?
Samaya and Kuala
Sacred Sexuality and Shakti Sadhana.
[The yoni-lingam from the Shakta perspective]
Divine Feminine or Just Divine Mother
Shakti as Maya
Shiva-Sati Mythology : A conversation
Worship of Devi
The Upward Spiral
[ How to overcome lust? ]
Kanyakumari: The Cult of the Virgin
The Significance of Devi Worship
Gender Identification and Spritualism
Mastery of the 5 "M"
Sex And Sadhana
Kumari And Bhairava
The Goal
The Significance of Panchadasi Mantra
Wife as Devi
Question for Shakta
What does "Klinne" refer to in the Tripura Gayathri?
Navarathri : How to Observe?
NavDurga Mantras

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