Durga Saptashati:
Inquiring Beyond the Stories
A discourse given by Sri Amritananda Natha

Souvenir published on the occasion of Sri Vidya Workshop.
January 2006.

Karma and the Environment
discourse given by Sri Amritananda Natha
May 2006, at Devipuram

Stilling the Flow of Thought:
Vasana Kshayam via Prati Paksha Bhavana
A discourse given by Sri Amritananda Natha

An Infinity of Infinities
A discourse given by Sri Amritananda Natha
May 2006

The Indian concept and The Worship of the Divine Mother:
A discourse given by Sri Swami Sivananda during Navarathri

God As Mother : A Narration

Navarathri Discourse
This is a series of lectures by Sri Swami Chidananda


Girlhood Memories of Durga Puja in Kolkata

The Mahavidyas
[Mahavidyas and tha Assertion of Feminity in Indian Thought]


Men and Shaktism


Hatha Yoga and Shaktism

Saraswati Devi
Other Mythological Story

The Goddess and The Serpent

What is Shaktism


Tantra : Feminizing the Divine

The Four Traditions of Sri Vidya

The Sakti Yoga Philosophy

The Householder and The Renunciates

Zen is not for the serious

Why are Gaudiya Vaishnavas so Intolerant?

Every Woman a Goddess - The Ideals of Indian Art

Shakti - Power and Femininity in Indian Art

Conception and Evolution of The Mother Goddess in India

From Heaven to Household: The Many Tales of Shakti

The Concept of Shakti:
Hinduism as a Liberating Force for Women
Frank Morales, M.A.

Devi : A Journey Through Texts and Contexts